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Franklin, Tennessee is a wonderful community to live in. With a population of just over 62,000 people, Franklin is a medium-sized town located in Williamson County. It is only 20 miles away from the larger city of Nashville. Because Franklin is in such close proximity to Nashville, it is a great place for commuters to reside. The real estate market in the area is excellent and so is the economy and the schools. Homes in the Franklin area are reasonably priced and varied to suit your individual needs and desires. There are many different types of homes on the market in Franklin. These homes are in a wide range of prices.

There are many really good places of employment located in the community of Franklin. Some of these employers include World Christian Broadcasting, Nissan North America, Verizon, AIM Health Services, and Progeny Marketing Innovations. These companies have exemplary reputations and are known to treat their employees well. If one has the opportunity to work at one of these companies, one will be lucky to get to live in Franklin. It really is a very safe and family-oriented community. 

For the consummate shoppers, Franklin is home to Cool Springs, a shopping mecca where most any chain store you can imagine has a branch.

The community of Franklin is home to several fun and exciting festivals. These festivals take place at different times of year and always draw huge crowds. These crowds come not only from Franklin, but also from surrounding areas. The festivals are the Main Street Festival, Pumpkinfest, and Wine Down Main. The Main Street Festival is the largest of these festivals. Local artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their various arts and crafts at this festival. Wine Down Main is a large wine-tasting. People can come walk down the main streets of Franklin and taste wine provided by a variety of vendors. Pumpkinfest is held every October just before Halloween. This event is a fundraiser for a local organization and is held primarily for children. There is a lot of entertainment provided, especially children's entertainment. These festivals are part of what makes the town of Franklin such a warm and inviting place to reside. 

In addition to the Festivals, Franklin also has some interesting attractions. These attractions include parks, theaters, and much more. Two of the best parks in the area are Winstead Hill Park and Fort Granger Park. These parks are excellent places for families to spend a relaxing afternoon together. The well-known theaters in Franklin are the Franklin Theater and the Boiler Room Theater. Both of these theaters have a lot of historical significance. Other awesome attractions nearby are the Lotz House Museum, the Carter House, McGavock Confederate Cemetery, and the Carnton Plantation - where the famous Battle of Franklin was fought. All of these establishments are excellent places to visit. There really is a lot of things to do in Franklin, which is another reason why it is such a rewarding place to live.

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Franklin, TN Offers a Small Town Atmosphere in a Sophisticated Setting

Historic and scenic Franklin, TN offers the warmth and charm of a small town. People who enjoy life at a slower pace will appreciate the inviting and unique atmosphere of this small city, which is also the county seat for Williamson County, TN. The city of Franklin was established in 1799 by a state senator who named the city after Benjamin Franklin. The first house in the city, a log cabin, was built by a Scottish immigrant. 

In 1864, the town was the setting for The Battle of Franklin. The Battle of Franklin was a historic and pivotal point for the Civil War for both sides of the war. More than ten thousand people were killed, captured, and wounded during the battle. 

In addition to thousands of human casualties, the city also lost many of its newly-constructed buildings during the war. “Five Tragic Hours” is a historical non-fiction book that details the Battle of Franklin and how the city had to piece itself back together after the Civil War. The book can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Five-Tragic-Hours-Battle-Franklin/dp/0870493973/ref=cm_lmf_tit_1 for easy online ordering.

Currently, Franklin is a prosperous city that is home to nearly 200,000 residents. It has been a setting for a handful of major movies with stars such as Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, and Hannah Montana visiting the city during the filming of the movies. The small city is also home to country music legend, Kenny Chesney.

Explore Franklin’s Scenic Parks and Recreation Options

Franklin is not in a short supply of parks. Home to more than sixteen parks that take up a combined space of seven hundred acres, Franklin offers a variety of natural parks. These parks include historical parks, passive parks and active parks. The parks offer a diverse amount of activity options and entertainment settings. Many of the parks are used for family barbeques and reunions, city festivals, and play date settings for families.

Dog parks, walkways, and small lakes are part of the amenities that are available throughout the parks and recreation area of Franklin. In addition to these features, many of the parks in the city also offer an abundance of modern playground equipment. People who are interested in acquiring more information about the city parks can contact the City of Franklin at (616) 791-3217.

Discover the Attractions of Franklin

The Cool Springs Galleria is a sophisticated shopping center in Franklin that offers a multitude of name brand stores and food chains. The Factory is a noted restaurant with a historic touch in its theme and décor. The Factory serves seafood, top-notch steaks that are smoked and marinated, and dozens of delectable appetizers and gourmet side dishes. 

Along with the Galleria and The Factory, Franklin is home to numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and a convention center that serves the business and entertainment district. People who want to make plans to visit Franklin and want more information on the city’s attractions can contact the City of Franklin at (615) 791-3217.

Family-friendly Events Provide Year-round Entertainment in Franklin

Few places know how to put on a great festival the way a small town can host an amazing festival. Franklin is no exception to this standard and takes pride in hosting the acclaimed Main Street Festival each year. This festival attracts visitors and tourists from across the country and is hosted by committed bands of volunteers and city officials. 

Two carnivals, two food courts, and a multiple vendors fill up the Main Street Square during the festivities. More than two hundred crafts booths are at hand. Visitors can browse through goods made by local artisans while listening to the live entertainment provided by some of the nation’s most acclaimed country music stars.

The Wine Down Main Street and the PumpkinFest are two more exciting festivals that are hosted in Franklin each year. The wine festival is an event that leads people through various vendors and restaurants downtown Franklin. Live music is available for both events. Bluegrass and Jazz festivals are also hosted in Franklin for music lovers and people who enjoy being entertained my amazing local talent. For more information on the city’s festivals, go to https://www.franklin-gov.com/index.aspx?page=294.
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