Nashville's Favorite Communities

Say "Nashville" to the rest of the country and most people will immediately think of country music or dancing. But if you're thinking about relocating to the area, perhaps a closer inspection at some of the city's favorite communities is in order.

Hillsboro Village is one of the city's last remaining locations where people can shop at neighborhood merchants. Every shop from the bank to the restaurants has a personal Nashville touch, with no big, bulky national chain stores to be found. Folks can find just about anything they might buy at a big box store, but they'll find it without the awful fluorescent lighting and drab vibe that often accompanies those stores. It really is a "Mom and Pop" kind of neighborhood.


The West End is the envy of Nashville. This opulent community offers many artistic and residential opportunities for those looking to live the good life. Have a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe right before you go next door to the latest art gallery to roll through town. The area also includes Centennial Dog Park, a popular spot to get some exercise with your best friend or just to sit back and relax on a sunny day.

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Belle Meade, Tennessee is its own beautiful city even though its considered part of the Greater Nashville area. This well to do town consists of much of the land that used to make up the Belle Meade Plantation, with roots back to 1807. John Harding, a Virginia native, purchased the 250 acres the plantation was originally built on. The acres expanded of course as the city grew, but the original plantation is still considered to be the heart of the town. An area of the plantation itself is still maintained and includes guided tours.

Green Hills is a community located south of downtown Nashville, known for its beautiful fields and luxurious mansions. The Mall at Green Hills is a popular shopping destination, as it leases to some high end retailers including Dillard's, Macy's and Nordstrom. Due to the commerce in the area, a lot of the roads are designed more for automobile traffic than pedestrian.

The Twelve South area of Nashville is also home to bustling commerce, boasting more than 50 businesses. A lot of the businesses are homegrown and owned by families in the area, not big corporations. 19 of the businesses currently have historical designation with the city, dating back as far as 70 years. Twelve South is a community that is attracting young urban professionals/families and university students who want to be near downtown. Not to mention, also being within walking distance to the various shops in the area.

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